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My gums look thick

Characteristics and what to look for: 

A “gummy” smile is caused when there is an abundance of thick gum that covers a portion of your tooth. This can cause your teeth to appear smaller than they actually are. You may benefit from cosmetic periodontal procedure to help take back your smile. 

Causes of a gummy smile:


Your muscle strength, jaw size and lip movement all play an important role in how much gum you'll show when smiling.

Gingival inflammation

You most likely will notice pain/ bleeding upon brushing.



Certain blood pressure medications and antirejection medications after grafting may predispose you to thickened gums.

Treatment and how we can help:

The initial step in treating a gummy smile is determining the underlying cause. Thick gums that are the result of genetics will most likely require removal of the excess gum and recontouring of the remaining tissue. This will give you a more harmonious and esthetic smile.


If the cause of your thick gums is due to inflammation, it is critical that the bacteria causing the inflammation be removed before bone loss can begin


A consultation with your medical doctor may be appropriate in determining if a medication switch is an appropriate treatment for you. It’s possible that modification of your medication may restore your gum to normal thickness. Additionally, the gum may still need to be recontoured by your periodontist to restore you to normal health.

The first thing people notice about you is your smile. We can help make yours the way it was designed to be

What Our Patients Say


Jordan Stanek

Dr. Dempsey is by far THE BEST! He is caring, thorough, and professional, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that his patients are 100% satisfied with his service. I can’t recommend him enough! .”
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