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My gums bleed

Characteristics and what to look for: 

Bleeding gums is most likely a result of inflammation in your tissue. After brushing, you may notice that you see blood after spitting into the sink. When gums are unhealthy, bleeding can occur with brushing, flossing or even gentle pressure. It is also possible that they may spontaneous bleed, although this is rare.

What causes inflammation of my gums?

Inflammation may be caused by bacteria or plaque on your teeth that have not effectively been removed, gingivitis and periodontitis. Adequate home care of brushing for 2 minutes and flossing for 1 minute each day will reduce inflammation and improve gum health.


Leukemia, hemophilia and inadequate vitamin C intake (scurvy) may also cause gums to bleed.

Common Misconceptions

"My teeth all need to come out anyways, there's no reason to take care of them​" 

  • Your oral health is directly linked to your general health. There is a connection between periodontal disease and diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, adverse pregnancy outcomes and Alzheimer's.

"My gums have always bled. That’s normal for me"

  • In systemically healthy patients, bleeding gums is a sign of infection. Just like any other infection it needs to be treated to prevent further damage


"My gums bleed because I brush too hard"

  • It is possible to damage your gums during your home care routine which is why we recommend a soft tooth brush and specific brushing technique. However, you will most likely see this damage in the form of recession. It is a rare occurrence for over brushing to lead to bleeding gums.

"I should avoid brushing bleeding areas to help the site heal"

  • Do not avoid brushing or flossing an area that is bleeding. It is very common that when altering your home care routine, that bleeding may occur for up to two weeks. If bleeding persists after 2 weeks consult with your dental professional

"Vitamin C will fix my bleeding gums"

  • Vitamin C has shown a limited effect in boosting the immune system and consumption of normal levels is important for maintaining gum health. However, no evidence supports the claim that excess vitamin C consumption eliminates inflammation and bleeding gums.

Treatment and how we can help:

Bleeding gums are unhealthy gums. This is the first sign of inflammation that may lead to periodontal disease and future tooth loss. If you feel you are unable to appropriately remove the inflammation with your normal home care routine, we would be happy to meet with you to determine if professional care would benefit you. 

Stay healthy and happy by restoring your dental health

What Our Patients Say


Jordan Stanek

Dr. Dempsey is by far THE BEST! He is caring, thorough, and professional, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that his patients are 100% satisfied with his service. I can’t recommend him enough! .”
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