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I have bad breath

Characteristics and what to look for: 

Bad breath or halitosis is a symptom that is most often identified by your loved ones. There are several causes of bad breath, and determining the underlying reason is important for treatment.


Causes of bad breath:

·       Acid reflux

·       Food impaction

·       Cavities

·       Periodontal Disease

·       Illness

·       Infection

·       Food or Drink

·       Dry mouth

Treatment and how we can help:

If after lifestyle changes you and your loved ones continue to suffer from halitosis (bad breath) then a visit to your periodontist may help you determine the underlying reason for your symptom. Treating oral infections such as cavities and periodontal disease is essential in defeating bad breath.

Let us help give you and your loved ones a breath of fresh air

What Our Patients Say


Jordan Stanek

Dr. Dempsey is by far THE BEST! He is caring, thorough, and professional, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that his patients are 100% satisfied with his service. I can’t recommend him enough! .”
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