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I need to replace teeth

Characteristics and what to look for:

Depending on your treatment goals, different methods of tooth replacements exist to suit your needs. If you have most of your teeth but are only missing one or two, single tooth replacement or multiple implant replacement may be the best options for you.


If many of your teeth are broken down or very mobile, or if you feel like you cant afford to keep up with amount of dental work that needs to be done then full arch replacement may be a good option.


Not everyone needs to remove all their teeth and start over again. Most of the time patients that feel this way find out after visiting us that there are great treatment options for them that involve saving their teeth

How We Can Help

Heavily broken down teeth serve as reservoirs for infection that can impact your mouth as well as your systemic health. It is essential to seek the care of a dental professional to help manage this condition. At restore periodontics we have several different treatment options including implants, dentures supported by implants and implants to replace all your teeth.

We're here to help you restore your smile

What Our Patients Say


Jordan Stanek

Dr. Dempsey is by far THE BEST! He is caring, thorough, and professional, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that his patients are 100% satisfied with his service. I can’t recommend him enough! .”
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